Independence Day


This year we celebrated the 4th swimming in the rain and eating yummy breakfast food. Our amazing friends let us borrow their house/pool for the morning. The weather was so fantastic and a welcome break to the heat of the summer. It was one of those times where I just took it all in and enjoyed having this happy moment. I really love my family.



The Windy City


We went to Chicago over Christmas break and I fell in love. It was a short over night stop on our way to Craig’s hometown of Sycamore but I felt really cool and not ashamed to admit it. I want to go back and for much longer.




We had an amazing Christmas. We spent it with Craig’s family in Iowa and although it was strange to not be with my family and I missed them a lot, we enjoyed time with the Pearson clan. It helped that they spoiled us rotten.


{Genevieve searching for Santa}


{Decorating the Tree} My mother-in-law had the cutest idea of decorating the tree with the kids old toys.


Christmas eve Craig made yummy Café Rio style pork for dinner. The Pearson’s have the tradition of sitting around the lit tree and sing Christmas carols together. Then we had dobosh torte for dessert, another family tradition. (I wasn’t very good at taking very many pictures, we were having too much fun.) Christmas day we woke up bright and early and opened our stockings. I had the first Christmas miracle of the day, when to my great surprise, Muppet Christmas Carol was there.

After we ate a delicious breakfast, we got ready to attend church. I liked spreading the day out so the Christmas cheer could last all day, although I was getting antsy to open presents by the end of sacrament meeting.

Everyone loved their gifts, and Craig’s tablet finally got here today so he is one happy boy. Later that night we ate a delicious roast beef with the Elders and watched Muppet Christmas Carol.

A big thank you to Mom and Dad Pearson for making this a great Christmas.


Now, here’s looking forward to a fantastic new year.


Wedding Bells

Tiffany and Josh {12.17.2011}

My little sister got married last week. She was stunning, I mean look at her. They were married in the St. George Temple and it was a beautiful ceremony. I kept catching her glance, and that little stinker kept making me cry. I am going to miss her like crazy.



My mom rented a condo for the weekend. It was luxury living and so nice to be all together and help the bride get ready with the family surrounding her. It was snug with our giant family all there, but that’s how we like it.